Join in China: Sector updates

Sector updates

Money Money Money: £/$ Overview

27 January 2021

GBP/USD trading in 2021 was quite volatile for the opening half of the year.

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How to choose a method to make international payments

27 August 2021

Those trading with China, either sourcing from or selling in, are probably aware of the challenges of converting currencies and making international payments.

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When can you travel in Asia for business?

27 August 2021

The pandemic continues to spring surprises (and havoc) more than a year and a half since it started, and that includes disrupting travel plans.

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Big brand blunders

30 August 2019

There was a time when summer was described as the ‘silly season’. Not any longer, as events around the world continue to show.

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How will Boris tackle China?

31st July 2019

Last week proved an eventful one that left some across the nation feeling...a little hot under the collar.

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Make a date for Singles Day

31st October 2018

Our tips on how to make the most of Singles' Day, the world's biggest shopping opportunity.

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It's all in the source: how to find a China supplier

17th September 2018

Many of us are familiar with China as a global centre of manufacturing. Did you know that the town of Yiwu produces 60 percent of the world's Christmas decorations, and that the phone you are (probably) reading this on was, in all likelihood, made in China?

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Failure to plan is planning to fail

17th September 2018

We often hear about the winners in life, and China market entry is no different. From Burberry to Downton Abbey, we're often reminded of when British brands get it right in the world's third biggest consumer market.

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The focus on executive education

4th September 2018

It's back to school month already. September, for many of us, will trigger memories of trying on a slightly bigger uniform, dwindling daylight hours and a slight chill in the air (whether in the classroom or otherwise...). But education is for grownups too, and it doesn't come much more iconic than the MBA.

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This little piggy goes to market

22nd August 2018

In what is offally good news this month, Taiwan has approved the import of British pork for the first time in a deal that could be worth £50m over five years. Imports of British pork had been blocked because of an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease.

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The (long and winding) road to China

14th August 2018

As the proverb goes 'a thousand mile journey starts with a single step' and having just returned from a very productive delegation visit to Henan province with Sir Geoffery Clifton-Brown, we can see the road ahead which will herald new opportunities between the UK and the province with a population of 100 million.

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The future's red

23rd July 2018

We might sound a little biased saying this, but China is probably the most exciting market for tech anywhere in the world at the moment (it certainly has some of the biggest numbers)...

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The growth of Chinese students to UK

8th July 2018

Many Chinese students are opting to learn abroad for a number of reasons, ranging from the obvious (to improve their English) to the less obvious (to avoid the notorious university entry system in China) - and Britain is top of their list.

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Where's the beef?

1st July 2018

Cast your mind back two decades, to a time when the zeitgeist was dominated by Blair, Blur...and beef. Who can forget? After a link was established between "mad cow disease" (or BSE) and vCJD, the European Commission imposed a worldwide ban on British beef exports in the late 1990s...

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England scores on social

23rd June 2018

It's been a promising start in the World Cup for England, on and off the pitch. 
The Three Lions scooped 3 points in an opening fixture against Tunisia that was lapped up by Chinese viewers, who of course took to social media to express their views... 

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15th June 2018

If 15 January was the worst day of the year ("Blue Monday"), 15 June is surely a contender for the best. It's Friday, the weather is good, the World Cup is finally underway and it's National Beer Day...

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