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We have large network in China that are always keen to work with UK businesses

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Demand in Taiwan with high warfare UK sheepmeat remains strong. In terms of UK sheepmeat exports, Taiwan is on the top ten largest consumer. With the demand growing and logistics started to ease, the export opportunity is not to be missed.

We have teamed up with UK government agencies abroad to offer clear support for UK sheepmeat producers to seize this opportunity for growing their export side of the business, whether you are a first-timer or experienced exporter, please get in touch. 


Whether it’s for your company’s merchandises, or looking to expand your existing product ranges in clothing and footwear, we have reliable manufacturers based in Southern China who have a proven track record for delivering high quality wares, as well as able to assist with design needs.


We have teamed up with carefully selected manufacturers in different provinces in China to support the sourcing needs of high-quality ceiling tiles, with a fast turn around and are reliable with proven track record.

Products range from basic gypsum boards to high-end specialist tiles for both ceiling and walls.


Leading Chinese company with multimillion turnover, specialises in high tech manufacturing and advisory roles to key industries, is seeking British firm in precision optics, ultra precision machining, Micro-nano manufacturing, as well as British firms who manufacture the equipment for the above sectors, and R&D institutes or organisations within these areas. 


With a 15-year legacy, the China based aluminum manufacturing firm boasts two cutting-edge facilities in Guangdong and Zhejiang Provinces. The company has skilled professionals are adept at tailoring products to precise specifications. Specialised in multi-layer modular aluminium cans and bottles, compliant with food and cosmetic standards, the company prioritise quality and hygiene. Clients benefit from their collaborative approach, receiving customised solutions that would usually exceed expectations. Please contact us for more information. 

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