Join in China - Marketing


Everything we do is created in conjunction with our office in China so you can be confident that your message will be understood in an ever-changing market

We offer a comprehensive brand and communication package that includes re-branding for the target audience, and a powerful digital marketing campaign backed up by extensive research into your target market.

Although East–West cultural differences pose challenges for western businesses marketing to a Chinese audience, companies that reflect an understanding of these variations in their marketing strategies stand a better chance of success. Perhaps more than in any other market, it’s vital to ensure your marketing hits the sweet spot of your Chinese target audience.


One of the biggest challenges is the fact that western digital channels – such as search engines and social media platforms – aren’t the mainstream in China. Join in China can introduce you to the Chinese equivalent of these vital marketing tools, the vast online community they serve, and the opportunity they present to your business.

Our experienced, expert team – based in both the UK and China – deliver effective, hardworking marketing results for you, in the following areas:

• Chinese brand creation

• Market research
• Web & digital solutions

• Marketing literature
• Digital marketing and SEO

• Social media management

Find out how we can help you market your business to China’s vast online audience



Go mobile - China’s mobile internet users has now reached 695 million, showing much stronger growth than the rate of overall web users. While there’s still extensive usage of PCs and laptops, especially at workplaces and schools, 95.1 percent of total internet users access from mobile devices – mainly phones.