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We provide a tailored approach rather that a 'fit-all' format and all our services are structured to meet our client's expectations and objectives

The complexity of expanding and establishing your business in China, combined with the fear of the unknown, can put western businesses off tapping into this potentially fruitful new market. 

Since 2012 Join in China has acted as a knowledgeable, trusted partner to UK businesses wanting to make the most of the Chinese market. With unbeatable knowledge of – and connections with – China, we’ll guide you through the maze, helping you expand into China with confidence.


 Think of Join in China as your experienced business mentor. Perhaps you’re just looking to test the water and establish the feasibility of investing in this exciting new market. Or maybe you’re ready to jump in with both feet, and need a complete service to help you launch your business. Either way, we’ll help you ensure your expansion is compliant with Chinese laws and regulations, while protecting you in the process.

We provide a range of services covering the many aspects of setting up your business in China, including:

• IP registration

• Due diligence

• Supplier management
• Regulation and compliance 

• Culture training

• Supplier mediation 
• Business translation

• Market entry strategy

• Supplier quality control 

To find out how we can help you enter the Chinese market with confidence



Brand registration in China - It is important to note that China uses the 'first-to-file' system, meaning that you may lose legal protection in China if a similar mark has already been registered within China. Therefore it is essential for you to register your trademarks in China before entering into the market so as to diminish the risk of trademarks being registered by someone else first, or in other words ‘hijacked’.